Who we are

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The Case Matrix Network (CMN) provides knowledge transfer and capacity development services to national and international actors in the fields of international criminal, humanitarian and human rights law. Emerging from the International Criminal Court‘s (ICC) Office of the Prosecutor in 2006 with responsibility for the Legal Tools Database and Case Matrix, CMN has provided assistance to prosecutors, judiciary, governments and non-governmental organisations in over 40 countries, including Central African Republic (CAR), Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Georgia, Indonesia, Mexico and Sierra Leone. We specialise in building the capacity of justice actors to address core international crimes and serious human rights violations by providing free access to knowledge tools, legal information and legal expertise. We support every phase of adjudication from fact-finding to investigation, analysis, opening and management of case files and related documentation, selection and prioritisation of cases for prosecution, and judicial or non-judicial proceedings. CMN advisers have developed the international criminal justice programmes consisting of databases, publications and training/mentoring, and continue offering pro bono assistance to the ICC through trainings in the use of the Legal Tools Database. CMN is a department of the Centre for International Law Research and Policy (CILRAP), an international non-profit organisation, registered in Belgium.


Our Methodology

All our databases, publications and trainings/mentoring are:

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Our Projects

  • Promoting Greater Accountability for Conflict and Atrocity-Related Sexual Violence Crimes by Strengthening their Mapping and Prioritisation by the Colombian Attorney General’s Office (2018+)
  • Strengthening the Investigation and Prosecution of Sexual Violence in Conflict in the Central African Republic (2018+)
  • Strengthening the Prosecution of Sexual Violence in Conflict: CAR, Colombia and DRC (2016-2018)
  • Strengthening the Rule of Law in Mexico (2017)
  • International Criminal Justice Toolkits (2013-2017)


Our Team

                                            Ilia Utmelidze, Director


Ilia provides technical oversight over all CMN activities, in particular the customisation of legal tools and the methodologies underpinning investigation and fact-finding, case mapping, selection and prioritisation, and case analysis. He has created the taxonomies of the Investigation Documentation System (I-DOC), the Database on Open Case Files (DOCF), the Core International Crimes Database (CICD) and the Legal Requirements Framework (with Morten Bergsmo). Ilia has over 20 years’ experience in providing technical assistance to justice institutions of post-conflict countries, including in Bosnia, DRC, Colombia, Georgia and Ukraine, and holds degrees from the Tbilisi Institute of Law, Diplomatic Academy Tbilisi and University of Oslo.

                                            Prof. Olympia Bekou, Deputy Director


Olympia oversees CMN activities in the area of ratification, implementation and cooperation and, in collaboration with the University of Nottingham Human Rights Centre (HRLC), is responsible for the Cooperation and Judicial Assistance Database (CJAD). She has provided technical assistance on the ICC system of justice to more than 60 countries, including Colombia, DRC, Philippines, Samoa, Thailand and Uganda, and has authored over 45 publications and books. Olympia is Professor of Public International Law at the University of Nottingham and head of the HRLC International Criminal Justice Unit. She holds an LLM in International Law from the University of Cambridge and a PhD from the University of Nottingham.

                                            Dr. Emilie Hunter, Deputy Director


Emilie oversees CMN activities in the areas of investigation and fact-findingcase mapping, selection and prioritisation, and ratification, implementation and cooperation. Emilie has more than 10 years’ experience in the implementation of capacity development projects. She has provided research for parties undergoing ICC admissibility challenges and has been a litigant in universal jurisdiction cases. Emilie has a PhD from the European University Institute and LLMs in International and Comparative Law from the EUI and School of Oriental and African Studies. She was Co-Convener of the EUI International Criminal Law Working Group, HRLC Fellow and Visiting Researcher at the New York University and University of Georgetown.

                                            Ralph Hecksteden, Senior IT Expert

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Ralph is the main technical developer of CMN databases. He is a German lawyer and computer scientist, working in the field of law and informatics since 1999. In addition to his work with CMN, he realised projects for the German Federal Constitutional Court, the International Criminal Court and many other judicial institutions. In 2008, he was awarded the Dieter-Meurer advancement award for the development of the Case Matrix, together with Morten Bergsmo. For many years, Ralph was a lecturer of IT security and justice at the German University of Administrative Studies in Speyer. In 2017, he founded the Jurmatix Legal Intelligence LLC for consulting services in his area of work.

                                            Andreja Jerončič, Adviser


Andreja provides technical assistance in investigation and fact-finding, as well as analysis of legal requirements and means of proof of core international crimes. She has overseen the installation of the Investigation Documentation System (I-DOC) and start-up phase of documentation analysis at a leading non-governmental organisation in Mexico, and provided analysis of databases used by the Mexican Attorney General’s Office for the search and identification of missing persons. Andreja has also contributed to the 2nd edition of the International Protocol on Documentation and Investigation of Sexual Violence in Conflict. She holds an LLM in Public International Law, with specialisation in Conflict and Security Law, from the Utrecht University.

                                            Marialejandra Moreno Mantilla, Adviser


Marialejandra provides assistance in the area of case mapping, selection and prioritisation, analysis of legal requirements and means of proof of core international crimes and contextual knowledge to CMN project activities in Colombia. She has supported the preparation of several CMN publications, including the international criminal law guidelines on legal requirements and means of proof of conflict-related sexual violence crimes and command responsibility, as well as national legal requirements for the prosecution of conflict-related sexual violence in Colombia. Marialejandra is a Colombian qualified lawyer and holds an LLM in Public International Law, with specialisation in International Criminal Law, from the Leiden University.

                                             Jose Ordonez, Adviser

Picture1Jose provides assistance in the area of case mapping, selection and prioritisation, as well as analysis of national legal requirements. He drafted the publication on legal framework for the prosecution of conflict-related sexual violence in the DRC, as well as supported the drafting and adoption of the Practice Direction for Selection and Prioritisation of Atrocity Crimes by the Congolese Superior Council of Magistrates, and the preparation of training materials for the Central African Special Criminal Court. Jose also acts as the Justice for Children Specialist at the International Bureau for Children’s Rights. He is called to the Bar of Ontario (Canada) and holds an Advanced LLM in Public International Law from the Leiden University.

                                            Dalila Seoane, External Adviser


Dalila delivers CMN project activities in Colombia, in particular mentoring and best practice exchanges with Colombian national, regional and local prosecutors on investigation and prosecution of conflict-related sexual violence. Dalila is also a Legal Counsel at Civitas Maxima, where she investigates international crimes committed in African countries. She has over 10 years’ experience at the Argentinian Attorney General’s Office, where she coordinated different areas within units specialised in the investigation of complex cases. Dalila holds an LLM from the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights and is a Professor of International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law at the University of Buenos Aires.

                                            Alejandra Rodríguez Cortés, Project Officer/Legal Assistant

Picture11Alejandra is responsible for the day-to-day coordination of project activities in Colombia and provision of legal research and analytical support to CMN advisers within all areas of CMN work. Alejandra has previously acted as a Legal Adviser (Office of International Legal Affairs) and the Head of the Library, Periodical Room and Documentation Centre Section (Diplomatic Academy Augusto Ramírez Ocampo) within the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as a Senior Researcher and Assistant Professor of the Theory of International Law at the University of Rosario. She is a Colombian qualified lawyer and holds an LLM in Public International Law from the Leiden University (Wim Deetman Studiefonds scholarship).

                                            Karina Goulordava, Project Officer


Karina is responsible for the financial implementation of projects, organisation of trainings and other events, and preparation of outreach materials. Karina has an educational background in cultural studies, anthropology and urban planning from the University of Pittsburgh (summa cum laude) and the American University of Beirut. Professionally, she has over five years’ experience working as a project, finance and outreach manager with Lebanese and international NGOs, as well as a researcher at the Utrecht University. She has received several professional trainings in grant application and report writing, capacity-building, strategic planning, financial management, security and gender mainstreaming.

                                            Léa Rambaud, Communications Officer


Léa is responsible for CMN communications and outreach. She has developed overall, output- and event-specific communications and outreach strategies for projects implemented in 8 countries and has supported the preparation of a variety of  outreach materials, including charts, infographics and videos, for use on CMN social media platforms. She is also an Advocacy and Communications Officer at the Coalition Éducation. Léa previously worked for the NGO Committee on the Status of Women, the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC) and Cartier. She holds an Advanced Master’s Degree as a Political Science Major in Media, Languages and Society from the French Press Institute.


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