Investigation and Fact-Finding


Effective investigation of core international crimes by national justice actors forms the core of any accountability effort. The process of fact-finding and investigation of core international crimes and serious human rights violations is complex. The relationship between specific incidents and wider violations or patterns must be established and linked to groups and individual suspects. This involves high quantities of information, of different categories and sources, often gathered in real-time as the violations unfold as well as after considerable time has elapsed.

The Investigation and Fact-Finding Toolkit aims to provide national investigators and fact-finders, including NGOs, with practical and substantive knowledge and skills to effectively and objectively document and investigate core international crimes and serious human rights violations.

Database: I-DOC (Investigation Documentation System)

I-DOC supports work on facts relevant to core international crimes and serious human rights violations, including fact gathering, investigation, analysis, case preparation, trial and subsequent proceedings.


  • Catalogues of essential information categories in fact-finding;
  • Analysis based on national legal frameworks;
  • Overview of information categories, mapping and analysis of geographical and time patterns and other linkages;
  • Construction of criminal and human rights cases using information categories;
  • Linked to ICC Case Matrix and CICD analysis of legal requirements.



I-DOC builds on the logic of the ICC Case Matrix and conceptual discourse in the context of the CMN.


  • User manual on the use of I-DOC
  • Thematic guidelines
  • Advisory papers
  • Guidelines on international criminal law research


  • Technical assistance on the adaptation and use of I-DOC
  • Capacity Development Partnership
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