Case and Legal Analyses


The preparation and adjudication of individual cases of core international crimes and serous human rights violations requires efficient evidence management and analysis, in order to ensure that the case proceeds fairly, accurately and without undue delay. The facts and evidence of each case must be analysed against the legal requirements of the crimes and liabilities that have been attributed to each person, in order to demonstrate that each of the elements of the crimes and liabilities have been proven to the required evidentiary threshold. Core international crimes – genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and aggression– as well as liabilities that establish individual criminal responsibility consist of multiple layers of legal requirements, many of which may be unfamiliar to national criminal justice actors.

The Case Analysis Toolkit responds to these challenges, to provide analysis of the legal requirements of core international crimes, using international case law and doctrine. It also incorporates the I-DOC and DOCF Tools to support the work processes of case preparation and management.

Database: Core International Crimes Database (CICD)

The CICD provides up-to-date access to the relevant international case-law on core international crimes and gross human rights violations.


  • Access to legal sources, including judgments, decisions and opinions according to the legal requirements of core international crimes and gross human rights violations;
  •  Analysis based on national legal frameworks;
  • Classification and deconstruction of case law according to the means of proof and elements of crimes;
  • Customised legal requirements to specific investigatory or adjudicatory frameworks.



The Case Analysis Toolkit is developed by CMN Advisers and implemented in cooperation with the International Criminal Law and Human Rights Initiative (ICLHR Initiative).


  • User manual on the use of the CICD
  • CICD leaflet

In addition to specific case analysis publications, there are several inter-linking publications with other toolkits:

  • Guidelines on international criminal law research
  • Thematic legal requirements digest


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