Op-eds/Policy Briefs

Prosecuting conflict-related sexual violence in Colombia: opportunities and challenges

October 11, 2017

Crimes Against Humanity

While the Colombian legal framework on conflict-related sexual violence..

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CAR: Understanding the Legal Framework for the Prosecution of SGBV

July 17, 2017

Crimes Against Humanity (14)

On International Justice Day, CMN shares a summary of the legal framework for prosecuting SGBV..

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Op-ed : Repression of Core international crimes in the DRC

August 26, 2015

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Challenges in the repression of core international crimes in the DRC.

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Guevara on Allegations of Torture in Mexico

August 9, 2015

Dr Emilie Hunter (16)

"Why the ICC Should Open a Preliminary Examination in Mexico" by José A. Guevara, FICHL Policy Brief Series No. 45.

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Document Victims of Human Rights Violations in Mexico

July 27, 2015

image-0001 (21)

"National Mechanisms to Document Victims of Human Rights Violations in Mexico" By Hernán Garza Villarreal.

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Aksenova and Bergsmo on Fact-Finding Commissions

June 17, 2015

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"Defining the Purposes, Mandates and Outcomes of Fact-Finding Commissions Beyond International Criminal Justice".

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Citroni on Enforced Disappearance in Mexico

May 29, 2015

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"Enforced Disappearance in Mexico: between progress and remaining challenges", FICHL Policy Brief Series.

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Op-ed: Prof. Robinson on Crimes Against Humanity

May 19, 2015

Unknown 2

'The Mexican War on Drugs and the Boundaries of Crimes Against Humanity' by Professor Darryl Robinson.

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Op-ed: Fact-finding needs in Mexico

November 6, 2014


Op-ed: The need for systematic fact-finding of serious human rights violations in Mexico by Zara Snapp. The process of determining

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Op-ed: Citroni on Enforced Disappearance

October 22, 2014


Op-ed: Enforced Disappearance as a human rights violation and an international crime, by Professor Gabriella Citroni.

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