UNiTE to End Violence Against Women

November 27, 2014

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"On this day the CMN is proud to join those who “Say NO” to violence against women. The Project work in DRC is part of ...

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ICC Cooperation Seminar in Ghana

November 20, 2014


Professor Olympia Bekou participated in ICC's “High-Level Seminar for Fostering Cooperation” in July 3-4 2014.

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Project Director Awarded Doctorate

November 13, 2014


Emilie Hunter successfully defended her doctoral thesis at the Department of Law within the European University Institute.

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ICC Co-operation Workshop II

October 29, 2014


Expert Workshop on Cooperation and the International Criminal Court held in Nottingham. On 18-19 September 2014...

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ICC Co-operation Workshop I

September 24, 2014

Dr. William E. M. Lowe, University of Mannheim and CJAD Technical Partner; Prof. Olympia Bekou; Emilie Hunter; Dr Annika Jones, University of Exeter and FICHL Fellow.

CMN Deputy Director gives presentation on Strengthening the ICC Co-operation Regime. CMN Deputy Director...

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Consultations with States Institutions in Georgia

September 15, 2014


CMN consults Georgian Criminal Justice Institutions on Investigation and Fact-Finding. The first Georgian consultation...

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Team meeting in Colombia

August 20, 2014


The CMN’s Colombia project team examine liabilities under national and international law. In August 2014, the CMN Deputy Director, Emilie Hunter...

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#JusticeMatters #17July

July 17, 2014


Celebrating International Criminal Justice Day. On 17 July 2014, the ICJ Toolkits Project team and its partners around the world (HRLC, ICLHR Initiative...

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Consultations in Mexico

July 11, 2014


Consultations on the documentations of enforced disappearances in Mexico. Between 10 and 18 June 2014, the Mexican consultation exercise...

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