CJAD (Cooperation and Judicial Assistance Database)



CJAD provides national legislators, State institutions, public bodies, NGOs and academics with tools, resources and services to support efforts to ratify, implement and cooperate with the ICC.

  • Access and compare legal information on all aspects of implementing legislation on cooperation relevant to the ICC Statute including the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the ICC;
  • View comparative charts of over 250 cooperation keywords and analysis of specific co-operation approaches;
  • Search more than 120 national laws through targeted and accurate search functions;
  • Gain a global overview of the broader regulatory regime of the ICC.

The CJAD can be accessed: https://cjad.nottingham.ac.uk/en/


Helping to Bridge the Enforcement “Gap”

The ability of the ICC to function effectively is entirely dependent on State co-operation because the Court does not have its own enforcement mechanism to execute its decisions. For States to be able to co-operate with the Court under their domestic laws, specific legislation is required. CJAD therefore provides a central information hub on all aspects of co-operation legislation.

The CJAD can be accessed: https://cjad.nottingham.ac.uk/en/

Encouraging Co-operation with the ICC

Providing detailed, targeted and accurate searches as well as analysis of specific approaches to co-operation, CJAD is useful to international criminal justice mechanisms, including the ICC Assembly of States Parties Working Group on Co-operation, the Office of the Prosecutor, Presidency, Chambers and Registry, IGOs and NGOs.

Supporting National Legislators

CJAD is also an invaluable tool for national legislators considering or in the process of drafting legislation on co-operation and judicial assistance. Through free, universal access to CJAD, States can gain, review, compare and access online information regarding the drafting of co-operation legislation. This will enhance their ability to draft effective legislation by drawing upon the previous experience of other States and, in turn, enable increased co-operation with the ICC. National legislators are regularly under-resourced, with limited capacity to evaluate the legislative approaches taken by other States and to implement the complexities of the ICC co-operation regime into national law. CJAD better equips legislators to overcome these challenges restricting their capacity.

Building on the Foundations of NILD

CJAD will function alongside the National Implementing Legislation Database (NILD), a relational database developed by HRLC since 2005 and which is hosted on the ICC’s official website through the ICC Legal Tools Database.

Team: University of Nottingham Human Rights Law Centre

CJAD was developed by the University of Nottingham Human Rights Law Centre (HRLC), as an add-on to the National Implementing Legislation Database, a tool within the ICC Legal Tools Database.