The Case Matrix Network (CMN) has been engaged in Mexico since 2010 within the framework of its investigation and fact-finding tools. The purpose of CMN’s engagement has been to support national criminal justice actors in investigation and prosecution of serious human rights violations that may amount to crimes against humanity. Its activities include consultations with Mexican state institutions, public bodies, and civil society organisations. We have conducted workshops on challenges in investigation and documentation of a large number of complex human rights violations and acts that may qualify as crimes against humanity. The CMN has been co-operating with the relevant units within the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) with a view to improving data-gathering, registration, and use of databases on enforced disappearances. We have been supporting the Mexican Commission for the Defence and Promotion of Human Rights (CMDPDH) on the legal requirements and means of proof of crimes against humanity under international criminal law, and documentation methods using our investigation and documentation tools (I-DOC).


As a State Party of the ICC, Mexico is required to genuinely investigate and prosecute the individual perpetrators of crimes against humanity. Moreover, a State can incur responsibility for crimes against humanity before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR).