The Investigation and Fact-Finding Toolkit for Georgia will be adapted and implemented between June 2014 and May 2016. It will be freely available to users in Georgian and English. Following consultation with criminal justice actors in Georgia, and in light of its status as a preliminary examination country before the ICC Office of the Prosecutor (OTP), the IFF Toolkit will support national efforts to document and investigate incidents that may amount to war crimes and subsequently to prepare case files.

As a State Party of the ICC, the preliminary examination by the ICC-OTP in Georgia was made public in August 2008, following what the OTP has defined as an armed conflict between South Ossetian forces and the Georgian army, which was rendered international by Russia’s involvement in hostilities. Georgian authorities have opened an investigation into the alleged crimes committed during the August 2008 conflict on the territory of Georgia. In order to address the complexity of cases, an eight-member investigative team responsible for coordinating and guiding the investigation was set up by the Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia in May 2013.

The Investigation and Fact-Finding Toolkit will support national actors to strengthen their knowledge, skills and practices in investigating and documenting alleged war crimes. It will enable comprehensive mapping of possible individual violations as well as identification of patterns of violations in order to support the development of individual cases. The IFF Toolkit aims to strengthen the evidentiary and fact-based content of investigations and will support national actors in understanding the legal and factual requirements of war crimes under national and international legal frameworks.


To ensure the relevance of the IFF Toolkit, the country activities in Georgia are based on a consultation process with government institutions, academics, and NGOs. In addition, a preliminary needs assessment will be conducted with the Prosecutor’s Office to determine the precise needs of the target groups in order to customise the IFF Toolkit appropriately.

Database: Adaptation and Customisation of Investigation Documentation System (I-DOC)


I-DOC will be adapted to specific legal frameworks that will be identified and agreed during the consultation process and will be provided in Georgian and English.



Several research-driven publications will support the IFF Toolkit in Georgia, to provide sustainable information and knowledge in support of the skills required to conduct effective fact-finding and investigation related to war crimes.

These will include general resources such as:

  • Guidelines on international criminal law research
  • Legal digest of selected international criminal law topics

As well as specific resources in support of the Georgia IFF Toolkit:

  • I-DOC user manual

Services: Technical Assistance on Use of I-DOC

Authorities using the Georgian I-DOC will be provided with training and technical assistance on its use and application as well as advisory papers in Georgian on best practices of investigation, fact-finding and mapping of core international crimes