CILRAP-CMN Side Event to the 16th ASP in New York

Crimes Against Humanity (1)

Speakers include Stephanie Barbour, Juanita Durán, James Freda, Gregory S. Gordon, Antje Kraft, Jose Ordoñez and Ahila Sornarajah 

The 16th annual Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute opened this Monday at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, with the State delegates, civil society and the ICC set to discuss key issues for international criminal justice, and the ICC management, up until 14 December 2017. In parallel to the plenary meetings, CILRAP-CMN will host a side event “Accountability for Sexual and Gender Based Violence Crimes: Central African Republic, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Iraq” under the sponsorship of the United Kingdom and Norway. The side event will take place on 12 December (01:00-02:30pm) in Conference Room 2 of the UN Headquarters. It will also be streamed live through the CMN Facebook page.

If you do not have a UN pass/ICC ASP badge, please register here no later than Wednesday 6 December, 6:00pm (New York time).

Focus on national prosecutions of SGBV crimes

The CILRAP-CMN side event will reflect on developments in domestic accountability practices for conflict-related sexual violence (SGBV) crimes in CAR, Colombia, DRC and Iraq, and their relevance for international criminal justice. Through a roundtable discussion, the national and international experts will address (i) operationalisation of SGBV accountability through new policies/directives; (ii) measures introduced to strengthen evidence collection and documentation of SGBV crimes in multi-actor environments, and (iii) legal and judicial developments that hindered or facilitated prosecution of SGBV crimes over the last 12-18 months.

Chair: Dr. Emilie Hunter (Case Matrix Network)

  • Ms. Stephanie Barbour (Centre for International Justice and Accountability)
  • Ms. Juanita Durán Vélez (Colombian Attorney General’s Office)
  • Mr. James Freda (UN Team of Experts on the Rule of Law and Sexual Violence in Conflict)
  • Prof. Gregory S. Gordon (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Ms. Antje Kraft (UN Development Program Rule of Law, Security and Human Rights Team)
  • Mr. Jose Ordoñez (Case Matrix Network)
  • Ms. Ahila Sornarajah (UK Mission to the UN)

The importance of SGBV reinforced through other ASP side events

A number of other side events, largely organised by civil society actors, will take place during the ASP16 (see the latest ASP Journal here). Among others, they will deal with conflict-related sexual violence crimes (e.g. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, MADRE, Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice) and the role of civil society (e.g. International Nuremberg Principles Academy) and victims (e.g. Parliamentarians for Global Justice) in the accountability process, as well as in claiming reparations (e.g. Africa Legal Aid, REDRESS). Moreover, the Report on Preliminary Examination Activities 2017 will be publicly launched by the ICC Office of the Prosecutor on Friday, 8 December – with situations in Colombia and Iraq/UK of particular interest. Equally important, the International Law Commission (ILC) will present the progress in drafting the convention on crimes against humanity on Monday, 11 December.


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The Centre for International Law Research and Policy (CILRAP) seeks to contribute to academic activities in international law and to practitioners and policy makers in international law. It is a knowledge platform that includes and tries to bridge scholarship, publication, training and other forms of knowledge-transfer, and the development of knowledge tools. Its knowledge-generation should be informed of and where meaningful contribute to practical needs.

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The Case Matrix Network (CMN) is a department of CILRAP. CMN provides knowledge-transfer and capacity development services to national and international actors in the fields of international criminal and human rights law. We seek to empower those working to provide criminal accountability for violations of core international crimes and serious human rights violations, by providing access to legal information, legal expertise and knowledge tools. 

Related open-source publications 

The following publications relate to the topics that will be addressed during the 16th session of the ICC Assembly of States Parties, and are available for free download in various languages:

If you do not have a UN pass/ICC ASP badge, please register here no later than Wednesday 6 December, 6:00pm (New York time).

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